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Центр лазерной коррекции зрения

“Scientific and Practical Sight Recovery Center” was founded in 1997 on the base of the biggest in Russia State Research Institute of Eye Diseases of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences under the sponsorship of academician M.M. Krasnov. It is situated in the center of Moscow.

The “Sight Recovery Center” is an ophthalmologic clinic of new generation where all kinds of diagnostics and treatment of eye diseases are carried out with microsurgical, laser and therapeutic methods.

In the Center the new quality standard of service has been achieved owing to introduction of contemporary world level technologies and to use of rich traditions and experience of Russian ophthalmologic school.

Staff members of the Center were on probation in leading clinics of Switzerland, USA, Italy and have international certificates.

The Center disposes of a comfortable hospital with one-bed- and two-beds rooms of luxury class.

One of peculiarities of the work of the Center is close collaboration with such world leading ophthalmologists as Schwindt, Pallicaris, Buratto, Crozafon, Buchniy and others.

In our Center we carry out diagnostics and treatment of practically all eye diseases:


  • myopiahypermetropia and astigmatism
  • cataracts,
  • glaucoma (also in combination with cataract)
  • diseases of retina, choroid and optic nerve ,
  • non-malignant tumors of eye lids and conjunctiva,
  • pathology of lacrimal ducts,
  • diseases of cornea,
  • diseases of vitreous body,
  • diabetic involvements and others


Operation wards, laboratories and rooms for patients’ examination are equipped with newest medical apparatus and devices of leading foreign and home manufacturers (Germany, USA, Japan, Italy and others).

When necessary, leading specialists of State Research Institute of Eye Diseases of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, renowned in the realm of ophthalmology, participate in treatment of our patients.

Priority directions of the work of our Center are


Materials and equipment used in our Center correspond to world standards, passed strict clinical trials, have Russian Ministry of Health certificates and permitted for use in medical establishments.

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