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Vision Diagnostics

Диагностика зрения у детейThe Eyesight Recovery Center’s specialists provide a complete diagnostics of your child vision and exact diagnosis irrespective of child age. 

We use a unique PlusoptiX S04 instrument providing noninvasive diagnosis for 1 to 2 seconds, from 1 m distance even for children who are still not able to talk. This instrument determines the refraction value of patient, and also can reveal squint and amblyopia, when you simply hold your child on arms. This instrument is unique in Russia. 

Диагностика зрения у детейVisual system of child is in permanent development. Therefore, treatment of children’s eye diseases has to be complex and is selected for each small patient individually accounting for individual features of his (her) eyes. 

It is very important to pass dynamic supervision of skilled ophthalmologist and if necessary, correct the program of treatment. In the childhood it is possible to cope with the majority of diseases, not resorting to surgical intervention.



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