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Диагностика зрения у детейOur Center offers the comprehensive set of measures providing myopia retardation and improving eye blood supply. At a later stage, after stabilizing the process and attaining 18-year age, the complete eyesight recovery with laser correction is possible.


Astigmatism is a disease when comea differently refracts light beams in two mutually perpendicular meridians. More often this is an inherent state. As the result, starting  from the child birth, eye retina receives defocused image, that can result in irreversible drop of visual acuity, so-called, children’s amblyopia.


Amblyopia or “lazy eye ”. At such eyesight deterioration, one of two eyes is insufficiently involved in vision process. Amblyopia is usually developed at high hyperopia, astigmatism, squint. Therapy is carried out as a combination of various methods including physical, optical and functional exposures.


Squint is not only cosmetic trouble, so when this disease occures, operation of practically all departments of the visual analyzer is disturbed.

For squint, besides recommending the glasses, the therapy course with special equipment is used. When necessary, the surgical intervention in eye muscles is carried out.

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