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What is Glaucoma

симптомы глаукомы


Glaucoma is a dangerous chronic ophthalmic disease which is characterized by increase of ophthalmotonus pressure. When any treatment is not conducted glaucoma causes irreversible drop of visual functions, down to complete blindness.

Patient for a long time does not notice any changes in eyesight while this disease perniciously influences a visual nerve. 

Center’s special attention is given to early diagnostics of a glaucoma, earlier it is revealed, more chances to keep eyesight. For this purpose we use the Talia computer analyzer of retina thickness and HRT3 Heidelberg retinal tomograph of last generation. 

The task of any glaucoma treatment is normalization of intraocular pressure. For today there are three ways of treatment of the given disease: medicamentous, laser and surgical. 

For each patient the individual treatment program is developed depending on the form, and stage of the disease and presence of accompanying pathology. We use own unique schemes of medicamentous conservative treatment which keeps visual functions as much as possible. 

The Center conducts surgical and laser glaucoma treatment using its own proprietary methods. The choice of surgery method is determined by surgeon in view of many criteria. 

Eyesight Recovery Center has developed the special antiglaucoma programs with accounting for its own and world experience. The programs are performed as the subscriptions of three categories.

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