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Diagnostics of Cataract

Диагностика зрения

Importance of early diagnostics of eye pathology is difficult to overestimate, as the success of therapy much depends on its earliest detection, namely, at a stage of convertible changes. 

Eyesight Recovery Center is constantly modernized, actively introducing the most advanced diagnostic equipment, allowing to reveal the smallest infringements in eye fabrics when patient still does not notice any eyesight deterioration.

All diagnostic at Eyesight Recovery Center is performed without pain, quick, and maximum exact. It has been developed based on a principle of the individual approach to each patient. As a result of long-term and wide experience, we have developed a diagnostic algorithm for patients of various age groups. Average diagnostic period is 2 hours.

After careful examination the patient receives consulting of expert and if necessary, corresponding treatment.

High-frequency ultrasonic diagnostics allows to view inside eye and in detail, within 1/100 fractions of millimeter, estimate the sizes and state of its anatomic structures. Laser optical biometrics with IOL-Master instrument allows to most precisely select the parameters of intraocular lens for subsequent surgery to remove a cataract.



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