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Equipment for cataract treatment

Alcon CenturionExperience the Centurion® Effect in your OR with the innovative phacoemulsification performance of the Centurion® Vision System. Each detail, from greater chamber stability and lower temperature rise to improved surgical control, is designed to help you hit your cataract refractive targets. With increased efficiency and exceptional customer support, the Centurion® Vision System can make every moment of your cataract procedures better.

Infiniti – a unique surgical system with the help of which it is possible to ruin cataract using three different energy kinds:

  • Mechanical
  • Ultrasound
  • Fluid energy (“AquaLase”)

AquaLase is the MOST PHYSIOLOGICAL principally innovative method of cataract removal with the help of super thin high speed sheet of fluid that by its content is equal to eye liquid.

For the first time in Russia the INFINITI system was utilized in the “Sight Recovery Center” together with Research Institute of Eye Diseases.



MINIMUM RISK OF COMPLICATIONS even if a patient has concomitant diseases (glaucoma, myopia, retina diseases, defects of ligaments of the lens, diabetes and others).

PERSONAL ATTITUDE to each patient depending on cataract peculiarities is guaranteed with the introduction of INFINITI.

With dense cataracts we use a phaco-machine of the latest generation working on the basis of the so called NEOSONIX technology. Its peculiarity – combination of principles of ultrasound and mechanical breaking up of human lens in one tip. Operation is carried out in maximum sparing regime, safely and quickly; it lasts some 8 – 10 minutes.