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Laser Vision Correction

You want to see the world each morning when you wake up.

You wonder what it would be like to open your eyes in the swimming pool and see clearly.

You imagine what it would be like to jog in the rain, or play with your children without worrying about your contacts or glasses even something as simple as seeing the alarm clock when getting up in the morning.

Laser vision correction can truly change your life, it is an alternative to eyeglasses and contact lenses that can help you see more, naturally. The concept behind laser vision correction is simple - reshaping the front of the eye to change its focusing power. These elegant procedures are safe and effective with the right patient. They are anything but trivial though, and require a great deal of careful consideration and personalization.


The goal of laser vision surgery is to reduce or eliminate the dependence on glasses and contact lenses by improving uncorrected visual acuity. LASIK can allow patients to achieve their normal daily activities without having to use either glasses or contact lenses.

Also known as refractive surgery, laser vision correction refers to elective eye operations that use a laser to reshape the cornea, and change the way light is focused or "refracted" by the eye.  If you are nearsighted, far-sighted or have astigmatism and feel that glasses or contact lenses limit your activities, laser vision correction may be the right choice for you.

LASIK has treated nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism in patients all over the world. 

Specific Advantages of LASIK

  • Effective for correcting a wide range of focusing problems
  • Fast visual recovery
  • Minimal temporary side effects
  • Permanent tissue modification for lasting correction.

Excimer laser Technolas

The Center Vision Recovery uses the Teneo Technolas 317 Excimer laser and the Victus Technolas Femto laser. Both of these devices are considered state-of-the-art. The combination of both of these devices guarantees predictable and reliable results and extreme precision using a quick, painless and safe technique.

Лазерная коррекция зрения


All surgeries are performed by only one surgeon

Our Advantages

Excimer and Femto laser - 2017 year

The combination of Teneo Technolas 317 Excimer laser and the Victus Technolas Femto laser

On the base of the biggest in Russia State Research Institute of Eye Diseases

Quality guarantee.

Surgeon with 30 years experience

All operations are performed by only one surgeon, Professor, A. A. Karamyan.