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Femto-Lasik and Femto-Super-Lasik is the most efficient technology currently available within the field of laser eye surgery. Lasik stands for ‘laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis’ – the method involved in this type of procedure. Femto represents the technology, in this case the most recent type of laser: the Femtosecond.

ФемтоласикThe Femtosecond laser method involves the cutting of a microscopically thin flap on the surface of the cornea, after which the Excimer laser is used to correct any existing refractive errors. With Femto-Lasik, we can easily and successfully treat eye dioptre prescriptions between -12 and +6.

The Center Vision Recovery uses the Teneo Technolas 317 Excimer laser and the Victus Technolas Femto laser. Both of these devices are considered state-of-the-art.
The combination of both of these devices guarantees predictable and reliable results and extreme precision using a quick, painless and safe technique.


Advantages of Femto-Lasik

  1. Optimal safety :

    Highly reduced risk of complications when cutting the corneal flap.
    Reduced risk of infection and inflammation
    Larger treatable surface for increased stability
    Reduction in retreatment rates

  2. Thinner flap:

    The Femto-Lasik allows for such a thin, uniformly cut corneal flap that complications are practically non-existent. With these thinner flaps, more corneal tissue is left behind, meaning not only an increase in long-term corneal stability, but also the opportunity to correct higher refractive errors.

  3. Even flap thickness:

    When using the Femto-Lasik, the surgeon knows beforehand which form, thickness, measurements and capacity each flap entails. This is an important issue when considering treatment for higher refractive errors. When using a scalpel, a surgeon can only know how the flap will look after the cut has been made.

  4. Other benefits:

    Eyeball measurements are of little importance for Femto-Lasik laser eye surgery.
    You will heal in a shorter span of time and your sight will improve much more quickly.
    Visual results are excellent.
    During the procedure, the Femto-Lasik laser exercises less pressure on the eye. This means the patient will experience very little discomfort.

Фемто Ласик фемтосекундный лазер


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