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LASIK is the most contemporary and highly technologic method of laser correction. It is widely spread as most effective, exact and safe. Yearly in the world more than 3 million operations are carried out. This method was introduced in practice from 1991.

LASIK method is effective to correct myopia up to –15,0 diopters, astigmatism up to –5,0-6,0 diopters and farsightedness up to +6 diopters.

In contrast to PRK the laser impact is produced on inner layers of cornea.

LasikA special automatic device – microkeratome – makes an incision on the surface layer of cornea, makes a lap and this lap is bent aside for the time of operation. Then the laser produces its impact on inner layers of cornea and at the end of operation the lap is returned to its place. Thanks to biological properties of tissue sutures are not needed. The surface protecting layer is practically not damaged (as with PRK method) and the patient does not feel discomfort after the operation. Vision is recovered during 2-3 hours.


LASIK advantages

  • The method is recognized in the whole world, more than 3 million operations are made yearly.
  • Effectiveness is proven by more than 10 years experience.
  • After the operation vision is equal to 1,0 or near to it.
  • Stability of vision after the operation.
  • Possibility of complications is less than 0,01%.
  • Painlessness. Procedure of laser correction is absolutely painless, it is carried out under local anesthesia (eye drops).
  • Easily endured, lasts 10-15 minutes.
  • Absence of sutures, seams, cuts.


Surgeon with big experience

Doctors: 3 professors, 4 doctors of Sciences, 10 candidates of Sciences

All treatments are carried out according to European standards at the highest level in two clinics in Moscow. We operate with the surgeons of world renown, who stood at the origins of modern operations for cataract removal and laser vision correction. Professor Avetisov S. E., Mamikonyan V. R., Professor, MD Youssef, Youssef Naim, Professor Karamyan A. A. with years of experience, hundreds of thousands of treatments. Years of experience, latest equipment and modern technology features of our clinic.

More Than 700 000 Treatments

Most of them are the most difficult, until recently, not performed anywhere in Russia. The use of new technologies allowed to expand the indications for the operations. We have the greatest experience in Russia.

Диагностический комплекс

Выявит все мельчайшие нарушения зрения и противопоказания к операции.

Methods of laser correction

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