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FAQ on laser vision correction

In what cases can the excimer laser correction be applied?

  • Age of a patient is more than 18 years.
  • Stable vision during 1 year.
  • Absence of illnesses of cornea and retina.


    When a patient recovers the form?

    On the next day you can return to the accustomed way of life: to read, watch TV or work with the computer. During first two weeks it is desirable to avoid long visual load. During one month it is counter-indicated to visit sauna, to do hard work. It is not recommended to bathe in natural reservoirs and basins. In one month and a half all limitations are lifted.


    Is there a possibility to get complications?

    Thanks to the unique equipment and experience of personnel of the “Center” this risk is reduced to minimum and is equal to 0,01%, if recommendations of the doctor are not broken.


    How to define what method is right for a concrete person?

    During the consultation in our “Center” a patient is subdued to full examination that permits to define all characteristics of the eyes. Based on the received data the consultant considers advisability and necessity of correction of fine errors. After that, taking into consideration wishes of the patient he proposes possible kinds of treatment.


    Is it possible to operate both eyes simultaneously?

    Yes, this is one of advantages of laser correction. Both eyes are operated as a rule on one and the same day. Seldom (by necessity or on the wish of a patient) eyes can be operated separately with difference in time. This question is discussed with the doctor during the consultation.


    Is the operation painful?

    Thanks to local anesthesia (eye drops) a patient feels, at a last resort, a light short-term pressure. But not the pain!

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